Complex Care

LSC has a wealth of experience in ensuring Children and Adults with long term conditions are enabled to live their lives the way they wish to, with the specialist support they require.

From the first point of contact our dedicated professional team will work alongside you and your family and will ensure that with comprehensive assessments and care plans in place you will feel safe and secure in whatever your needs may be. Should your needs require nursing then Clinical oversight will be provided by suitably qualified Nurse.

Whether you have your own funds, an individual budget, direct payment budget or personal health budget we can help you to manage you care arrangements within the constraints of your financial budget to enable you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

We have a proven track record of the delivery of challenging areas of care for people of all ages including:


  • Paediatric specialist care at home

  • Adult specialist care

  • Airway management: Tracheostomy, suctioning, ventilation, cough assist, physiotherapy

  • Peg management, Bolus and continues , TPN and medications

  • Post Traumatic Injury: Brain injury, Spinal injury

  • Bowel Management

  • Urethral and Supra pubic catheter and convene

  • Diabetes blood sugar monitoring

  • Stoma – ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy

  • Inhalers

  • Nebulisers

  • Complex Care Solutions complex care management

  • Complex Care Management

LSC offer a managed and nurse led, clinical care service to enable individuals with complex conditions the ability to be supported at home. Working with Clinical Commissioning Groups, as well as a network of Case Managers and Solicitors we can supply, safe, effective, responsive, flexible care that deliver maximum independence and choice.